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Insurance and volunteers

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All groups and organisations that involve volunteers should consider what types of insurance they need to put in place to cover them for that involvement.

Due to the variation between insurers and policies, we can only offer general advice. All groups and organisations should seek specialist advice for more detail.

An organisation or group involving volunteers should have in place:

  • employer’s liability insurance or public liability insurance to cover the organisation in the event that a volunteer is harmed due to the organisation’s negligence
  • public liability insurance to cover both the organisation and the volunteer in the event that a third party is injured through the actions of a volunteer.

Depending on the type of work involved, the group or organisation may also need professional indemnity insurance, which covers it for claims arising from loss or injury caused by services provided negligently or without reasonable care.

When purchasing insurance, a volunteer involving group or organisation should:

  • ensure that the policies explicitly mention volunteers and covers them
  • check if there are upper and lower age limits for volunteers
  • ensure that the policies cover the types of activities that the volunteers will be doing
  • conduct a risk assessment for each of the roles that volunteers will be performing, because this will help your insurer to tailor your policy to suit your needs.

Insurance for volunteer drivers

If an organisation owns the vehicle being used, then it is responsible for arranging insurance. If the volunteer owns the vehicle, then they are responsible for arranging insurance and informing the insurer about their volunteer driving.

The Association of British Insurer’s Volunteer Driving – The Motor Insurance Commitment (pdf 376KB) lists insurance companies that don’t charge extra premiums for volunteer driving. 

More information

Find out more in our members’ information sheet on Insurance for Volunteers and this guest blog includes further tips and links to more information.

You can also read this guide to insurance products for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector

Zurich Insurance is an NCVO Trusted Supplier and provides insurance to charities, social enterprises and other not-for-profit organisations.

Page last edited Mar 14, 2018

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