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How to campaign: essentials of charity campaigning

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Whether you call it voice, influencing or advocacy, campaigning is an essential part of charities' work. All trustees should consider campaigning if it can effectively further their organisation's charitable objectives. This course gives you an insight into campaigning, helping you to create your strategy, evaluate your campaign and ensure you always work within the required legal framework.
Format: More than 30 minutes of video content with useful links and resources

Course structure

  • Introduction to campaigning
  • Keeping it legal
  • Creating a strategy for change
  • Is your campaign making a difference?

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • understand the 'what', 'why' and 'when' of campaigning
  • ensure your campaign abides by the rules
  • create your strategy and evaluate your campaign

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Find out about your trainer

Sarah Gilbert is currently a Senior Consultant for NCVO specialising in campaigning, advocacy and influencing. She is Chair of NCVO’s Certificate in Campaigning, and has worked with a wide range of organisations as a consultant and trainer in campaigning, strategy and impact. Sarah was a founding member of NCVO’s Campaigning Effectiveness programme and has written articles, books and designed tools to support people to run more powerful campaigns. Sarah also blogs about campaigning and is a mentor and coach to young campaigners. Her roots are in campaigning and policy work in the voluntary sector including successful campaigning on the Disability Discrimination Act.

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If you wish to improve your campaigning skills further why not get your Certificate in campaigning from the National Council for Voluntary Organisations? You'll learn how to make a greater impact with your campaigning with the support of expert tuition tailored to today’s campaigning environment. The next course starts in March 2015 and features:

  • seven full days of up to date learning over five months
  • learning from leading campaigners and experts.

Module                                                                                    Date

  1. Creating an Impact and Your Strategy for Change                          25 March
  2. Developing Your Strategy and Understanding Impact                     15 April
  3. Keeping It Legal and Using the Law to Campaign                           29 April
  4. Achieving Change in UK and EU Decision Making                           20 May
  5. Successful E-Campaigning                                                             10 June
  6. Winning Hearts and Minds Communicating Your Campaign            1 July
  7. Local Campaigning Achieving Change at the Grassroots                 22 July

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If you need bespoke advice to on how to run an effective campaign, get in touch with Sarah via:

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