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Volunteers and your organisation

About volunteers and volunteering in your organisation

Why involve volunteers?

Volunteers make a difference in a whole range of settings and organisations from small volunteer led community groups, larger national and international charities and the NHS and other public sector organisations.

Why involve volunteers? - Read More…

Avoiding job substitution

Keeping the distinction between volunteers and employees clear.

Avoiding job substitution - Read More…

Volunteering internships

NCVO have worked with a range of organisations to review the current situation and produce guidance on volunteer internships to help charities ensure they fully understand any legal obligations they may have and to ensure expectations about the role between both parties are clear.

Volunteering internships - Read More…

Volunteering strategy

Volunteering can do more when it has support, strategic leadership and commitment from the top.

Volunteering strategy - Read More…

Employer-supported volunteering

Volunteering while employed: the pros and cons for employers and employees.

Employer-supported volunteering - Read More…

Insurance and volunteers

All groups and organisations that involve volunteers should consider what types of insurance they need to put in place to cover them for that involvement.

Insurance and volunteers - Read More…

Volunteering in care homes

A collection of case studies and resources for recruiting and managing volunteers in the care home sector from the Volunteering in Care Homes project

Volunteering in care homes - Read More…

Volunteering attendance sheet

Volunteering in Care Homes volunteer induction attendance sheet

Volunteering attendance sheet - Read More…

Volunteering certificate

Certificate of attendance for Volunteering in Care Homes volunteer induction

Volunteering certificate - Read More…

Volunteering feedback form

Volunteering in Care Homes volunteer induction feedback form

Volunteering feedback form - Read More…

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