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Managing staff: communication and motivation

Find out how to motivate a team, develop loyalty and manage conflict.

Valued staff may be more highly motivated and likely to remain with the organisation. Here are some points for managers to consider. 


Delegating tasks and authority is a key skill for effective managers and helps to develop the talent of a team. Learn more about the advantages of delegation.


Strong communication skills can improve the performance and productivity of a team and benefit an organisation. Read more on communicating and consulting with a team.


What makes a team tick and helps motivate them to care about their work? Find out more about motivation and engagement.


Staff motivation may be increased by introducing rewards. Read ideas for connecting performance to rewards and why this could be important to staff development. 


Increasing loyalty among staff can improve relationships at work and the performance of an organisation. Read about developing staff loyalty, including ideas about flexible working. 


A considerate management style can keep staff motivated. Employees can become demotivated if they feel they are being treated unfairly. Learn more about management styles and treating people equally.

Measuring achievements

There are measurements  to demonstrate achievements in people management that can be logged and compared. Read about measuring achievements in good staff management.


Managing conflicts or disagreements between employees effectively is a key management skill. Find out more about managing conflict.


See also our Studyzone course, Managing staff through difficult times.

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