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Managing staff: performance and skills development

How to plan development and performance of staff from appraisals, to talent and succession management, and auditing skills.

Managing the development of your team requires you to support learning and promote skills development. 


Learn how to compile an employee development programme, and the key principals for appraisal. See our page on giving appraisals and planning individual development and how to evaluate performance, agree goals and assess performance.


Ensure the skills of your staff are nurtured and developed appropriately, and that a plan is in place to ensure key roles are covered effectively. Read more on our page about talent and succession management to find out how to identify talent within your organisation, and plan for its absence.


Organise a high performance workplace and encourage your staff to strive to do well. Read our Knowhow page on managing performance and how to use management tools to keep you and your staff on track.


Audit skills and provide development opportunities for your staff. See our staff development and skills audit page on bringing out the best in your staff.


Page last edited Apr 28, 2017

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