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Exit interviews

An exit interview is an opportunity to develop continuous improvement, improve employee job satisfaction and become an employer of choice.

Exit interviews represent one of the most direct routes for finding out employees' views and the information obtained should form the basis for making improvements that help to attract and retain the best.

You should try to make the exit interview positive so that the leaving employee becomes an ambassador for your company.

Ask the employee about their role and responsibilities and their overall job satisfaction and don’t forget to ask about their reasons for leaving.

You should be objective, rather than emotional in your questions and  ask open questions that encourage honest and considered responses, while avoiding leading and limiting questions.

It is useful to use the interview to help you assess the kind of person that should replace the exiting employee. Ask them about the skills and characteristics they think are needed to do the job. How well does the job description match the role? What training is required? How experienced should the person be? And how well does the pay and benefits package fit the position?

Page last edited Jun 23, 2017

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