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Tools and techniques for managing change

A range of techniques that can help you to understand, plan, communicate and manage change.

Managing the transition

Transition management is now a key aspect of any organisation’s change process.

Communicating and involving staff and volunteers in change

Communicating with staff and volunteers and ensuring you involve them in the change process is key to a smooth transition.

Understanding and managing resistance to change

Resistance is a natural response to change and recognising and manging resistance is a key skill for the effective change manager.

Involving stakeholders in change

How to undertake a stakeholder analysis and the importance of communicating change to the stakeholders of your non profit organisation.

Managing organisations in crisis

The steps you need to go through if your non profit organisation is in trouble.

Page last edited Apr 28, 2017

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A KnowHow member
A KnowHow member on Jun 29, 2010 05:03 PM

Another framework that is holistic and covers every thing your organisation does, is the Big Picture, see The web site also has useful links to other sites in topics like governance; staffing; managing money

A KnowHow member
A KnowHow member on Jun 29, 2010 05:03 PM

Thanks for this Sheila and for the reminder about the Big Picture. It is a user-friendly framework and I think it helps it having been developed specifically for the sector. These holistic approaches to understanding change are really useful - it helps to see all the implications of a change initiative and so manage it that much better!

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