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How to recruit a lawyer for your board of trustees

This guide gives you some information on how to go about recruiting a lawyer for your board of trustees. 


Start with realistic expectations

The charity and the potential trustee need to be clear from the outset about what is expected. An experienced lawyer with good contacts is a big asset but it is important to extablish whether the potential trustee has the time and the relevant expertise to provide legal advice in addition to fulfilling the other aspects of the trustee role.


Target your advertisement

Lawyers tend to be motivated by Justice. Articulating how the work of your organisation is contributing to that agenda may help to generate interest. Similarly indicating how a trustee's legal skills would be of benefit to, and valued by, your board can add appeal to your vacancy.


Placing your advertisement

Vacancies can be advertised in a number of ways. LawWorks is the operating name of the Solictors Pro Bono Group and organisations can advertise free of charge on their website. You can also place your advertisement in the legal press, in publications such as the Law Society Gazette.

Further information

Information in this 'how to' is taken from the NCVO quick guide to getting legal support. The complete guide is available to download for NCVO members. For further information on the benefits of joining the NCVO please visit the website.

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