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How to get the job of your dreams without saying a word

There are many ways of getting a perfect job, although the most common method to receive a job offer is to pass all stages of interview process splendidly. That`s why you definitely need to know all effective interview tips to get a job at your most desirable position.


Vital points about preparation procedure

Preparing for a job interview is a bit challenging, but first, calm down and do some research about the company. Find out all the truth about organisation`s culture, values, location, type of service it provides. Browse the web, visit some forums and analyse everything you`ve found. This will help you to understand if firm`s way of life corresponds with yours.

      • Resume

The most obvious thing you`ll need to do is to create an outstanding outline of yourself as an expert in a particular field. Mention all your relevant experience, successful projects you`ve participated in, notable skills you possess. If you do not have that talent for writing, you can always use a professional resume maker, which will do everything for you.

      • Dress appropriately

Do not forget to choose the best interview outfit: discover if the company sticks to some types of dress code and keep at it. Do not wear too bright T-shirts, extremely high heels or beach slippers.


Enter fearlessly

The manner you walk in interview room tells a lot about your personality, so make firm steps, seem enthusiastic and welcoming. Do not overreact, as if you`re too self-confident, you may look arrogant, which is not the best feature of an applicant. 


Sustain firm handshaking

Another way of judging a person is to determine one`s subconscious mood by shaking hands with him/her. So you are to demonstrate yourself as an expressive, determined, extroverted individual. As discovered in the study of the University of Alabama, the way you greet a person with a hand should be firm. Do not be shy or timid, show that you know what you came for and you are armed with a set of great talents and experiences.


Keep that smile on your face

While the whole selection process may feel as torture and invasion into your personal life, you need to be upbeat and smile every once in a while (especially if the interviewer is joking). A beam is just a natural part of every conversation, it can`t be torn out of it. That is why not cracking a smile during an interview can cause some tension or even serve as a mark of standoffishness. However, be careful and smile when it will look common and do not turn elegant curling up of the edges of your mouth into a sneer or grin. 


Hold confident posture

Your usual sitting position most probably includes leant back, inclined chest and a hand touching you face. Yet, a successful job interviewing process takes into account your posture, so you should be on your best behaviour. Straighten your back, put your shoulders back and chest up. You should be at ease, but look professional. Keep your hands on the knees or bend them in a lap. Sit in the middle of your chair and lean towards the interviewer only when he says something alluring, as it shows that you`re interested in the conversation and follow every word of the speaker.


Avoid leg shaking and hands talk

Even if you`re about to freak out you should seem peaceful, self-conscious and not disturb the attention of the interviewer by making irrelevant moves with your legs and hands. If you constantly jiggle your legs or twist your arms, it shows yourself. It indicates that one feels pressure and is anxious. 


Shun fidgeting

The interview process is nerve wrecking, but you need to stay focused and keep your every move under control. Practice at home with a friend or spouse, they can tell what subconscious fuss action you`re making. It can be rolling your eyes, rubbing your hair, touching your nose, sticking out your lip or any other motion, which can be perceived negatively or even offensively.


Become that copycat

Mirror the behaviour of the person you are talking to. Do it delicately, do not be too obvious and copy single behavioural patterns, not all of them. It brings you in one team and makes a bond between you and your interlocutor.


Keep an eye contact

The best formula here is to maintain eye contact when the one speaks to you, but take a slight look away when you`re formulating a thought. The whole discussion should resemble a chat with a friend.

Further information

From that moment on you can pass your interview with flying colours, only remember to look through this article again when you`ll get a call from an HR manager. Good luck!


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