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NCVO has partnered with JustGiving

Find out why we have chosen to work with JustGiving and what we plan to achieve together.

Free digital fundraising resources

As a charity, you know better than anyone how tough it is trying new ideas and tools when you've got a million and one other priorities. But with a few simple techniques you could get even more supporters and donations through online fundraising, social media, mobile and other digital tools.

NCVO has partnered with JustGiving to help you do just that. Together, we will create a free digital fundraising hub on the KnowHow NonProfit website to help you reach more people, grow your income and save money. We will also be collaborating on research. We are also giving out StudyZone training bursaries. See How to apply for the JustGiving StudyZone bursary.

In the meantime, we recommend heading over to the JustGiving blog - it's packed full of quick fundraising tips and inspiring case studies to help your charity grow online.

About JustGiving

JustGiving is a social fundraising platform that enables you to reach a wider network of supporters and raise more money online. Our technology allows anyone to become a powerful advocate for your cause through online fundraising, giving and sharing on social media.

Everything we do is focused on building cutting edge technology that helps connect your cause to people who care. We keep testing, learning and improving all the time, so whatever the size of your charity, you can benefit from the very latest digital fundraising tools.

And with over 14 years' experience you can be sure you, and your supporters, are in safe hands.

To find out more about our work with charities visit JustGiving.

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How to apply for the JustGiving StudyZone bursary

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