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Setting up a charity

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The many things to consider before making the big decision to set up a new organisation and what to do if you decide to go ahead.

Should you set up a new charity?

Questions to ask before setting up a charity or voluntary organisation.

Should you set up a new charity? - Read more…

Legal forms for voluntary organisations

The legal forms available to organisations, plus a guide to charitable structures and what to consider when making your decision.

Legal forms for voluntary organisations - Read more…

Charitable status

Do you want charity status? Do you need to join the charity register?

Charitable status - Read more…

What are social enterprises?

Your new organisation may be more suited to the model of a social enterprise but the term spans a range of legal forms.

What are social enterprises? - Read more…

Writing a constitution

A constitution is the governing document of your organisation that details your purposes and the rules and decision making structures.

Writing a constitution - Read more…

Who's in control - working out your governance structure

The basis of most legal forms is a two-tier power structure whereby a small group of individuals is responsible for the running of the organisation (called a board of directors, board of management, management committee, or board of trustees), but is accountable to a wider group of individuals (often called members or shareholders or owners).

Who's in control - working out your governance structure - Read more…


A glossary unpicking some of the key terms.

Glossary - Read more…

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