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  • How to Upgrade Your Business Writing Skills

    Every business in the world requires good writing skills, especially if you are a businessperson looking for a way to sell products or services. Today is the world of technology and social media, so posting updates and blog content is a must in every marketing strategy. This, of course, requires solid writing skills. Upgrading your writing skills is easier than you may think. If you dedicate some time and effort into this, you will learn how to influence people to purchase your services. After all, this is one of the smartest investments on time when it comes to promoting a company. Surely, you will not reach the level of a professional writer right away, but you will be creating better and better posts with time. 'We get writing requests from business people on daily basis. Our goal isn't only to provide them with the online articles they need, but also guide them to understand how important writing is for their success. By reading quality writing, people hone their own writing skills' – says Mike Reynolds, writer at UKBestessays . This seems unfair, but every businessperson needs to have good writing skills in order to be successful. Unlike what many think, you do not 'get born talented' and write amazing content without even trying. Practice and persistence make for better writers, which means that you also have a fair shot at grabbing the attention of the reader with your own written words. To help you out, we have created a list of 7 short steps that will help you with your writing skills:

  • How to thank your supporters

    As a charity, your supporters are essential – so making sure they know how much you appreciate their donations is key to maintaining your relationships with them. This guide looks at ways to thank your supporters effectively.

  • Financial procedures manual

    Templates and guidance for creating a financial procedures manual that will provide a framework for managing your organisation's finances.

  • Fundraising Certificate: 6-Month Mentored Program January 10

    Nonprofit Fundraising Certificate. During this 6-Month Program you will learn how to improve donor communications to both attract new donors to your website and to increase online donations.

  • Internal environment analysis

    Definition goes here

  • Shared goals

    Aims or goals shared by two or more parties.

  • governance

    Authoritative overview to manage and challenge the process and relationship.

  • CSR

    Managing a business in the interests of its stakeholders - all those affected by the business - rather than simply in the interests of employees and shareholders. For some businesses, this simply means supporting voluntary and charitable organisations with some combination of money and donating time by employees. Some businesses take a wider view. A more complete and nuanced description of CSR and its various interpretations is in Wikipedia .

  • TLI

    A UK government initiative to fund partnerships of local infrastructure organisations to support front line civil society organisations. The UK's Office for Civil Society (OCS) has made up to £30 million available in short-term funding, to provide better support for front line civil society organisations by transforming local infrastructure services. Local organisations can apply for grants , administered by the 'BIG FUND' of the UK National Lottery, during an application 'window' between 15 July and 31 October 2012. 

  • hub

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