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  • Grants

    An introduction to grants for voluntary organisations.

  • How to manage health and safety in small and medium voluntary organisations

    Safety at work is a high priority for every organisation, big or small. Health and safety in the workplace is often regarded as an operational concern, but it requires focus from governance, leadership and management to ensure it is adequately resourced and lawfully  implemented. This guide explains how to manage health and safety without any in house, dedicated health and safety staff.

  • Generating income from buildings

    A guide to using your premises for additional income.

  • How-to guides, created

  • Measuring your impact

    Evidence the difference you make. Learn about the different tools and techniques available, and how to choose an approach for your organisation.

  • Examples of monitoring and evaluation frameworks

    These examples can help you build your own framework.

  • Decide what to measure

    Developing an evaluation framework helps you to clarify what information you might need in order to evidence your story of change and to describe your impact.

  • Examples of Planning Triangles

    Take a look at these examples to help you design your own Planning Triangle.

  • Example theory of change

    Use this example to help you create your own theory of change.

  • Working with messy open data

    A case study of working with open data found in unpredictable shapes and sizes on the web. By the end, you will know what major issues to look out for when working with open data and what steps you can take to ensure you're able to analyse it afterwards.

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