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Newest items

Quality and improvement created on May 14, 2018
Further resources created on Apr 26, 2018
Other useful resources for getting started in the voluntary sector.
Glossary created on Apr 26, 2018
A glossary unpicking some of the key terms.
Who's in control - working out your governance structure created on Apr 26, 2018
The basis of most legal forms is a two-tier power structure whereby a small group of individuals is responsible for the running of the organisation (called a board of directors, board of management, management committee, or board of trustees), but is accountable to a wider group of individuals (often called members or shareholders or owners).
Writing a constitution created on Apr 26, 2018
A constitution is the governing document of your organisation that details your purposes and the rules and decision making structures.
What are social enterprises? created on Apr 26, 2018
Your new organisation may be more suited to the model of a social enterprise but the term spans a range of legal forms.
Introduction to legal forms created on Apr 26, 2018
Legal form means the type of structure an organisation is in the eyes of the law. There are various legal forms available but not all will be suitable.
Should you set up a new charity? created on Apr 26, 2018
Questions to ask before setting up a charity or voluntary organisation.
Legal compliance checklist created on Apr 13, 2018
This document contains a list of legal aspects that need to be covered by most voluntary organisations.
Thanking volunteers created on Apr 09, 2018
How, how often, and to whom you demonstrate gratitude should be as integral to your volunteer management strategy as recruitment, training and retention.
Organisational management calendar created on Mar 26, 2018
This is a sample management calendar for users to adapt for their own organisations.
Legal advice and assistance created on Mar 19, 2018
Sources of legal advice and assistance for charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.
Cybersecurity created on Mar 07, 2018
PQASSO Quality Standard for charities created on Feb 12, 2018
Boards can meet all of their legal governance responsibilities with a structured organisation-wide framework and ensure consistency, high standards and adherence to uniform best practice.
Trustee disqualification created on Jan 26, 2018
Guidance about the rules on the automatic disqualification of trustees and senior managers.
Trustee recruitment and induction created on Jan 26, 2018
What you need to consider when you are recruiting for positions on the board.
Social prescribing created on Jan 16, 2018
Modern slavery statements and charities created on Jan 15, 2018
Volunteers and the law created on Jan 05, 2018
Guidance to help you understand your legal rights and obligations when managing volunteers
Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) created on Jan 02, 2018

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