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Measuring up! created on Jul 28, 2017
Reporting your findings created on Jul 21, 2017
Once you have analysed your data you can set out clear evaluation findings and recommendations in an impact report.
Using your evaluation findings created on Jul 21, 2017
Through evaluation, individuals and organisations have an opportunity to understand more about what they’re doing, how things are (or aren’t) working, and why. Using this learning to reflect, adapt and change is a vital part of what makes evaluation useful – and what will make your activities, programmes or organisation a success.
Evaluation and impact reporting created on Jul 21, 2017
Identify what difference your work has made, what has gone well and where you can improve. This section explores how to generate evaluation findings and to report clearly in an appropriate format.
Analysing data created on Jul 21, 2017
Analysis is about making sense of the data you have collected. Analysing data will help you produce evaluation findings that you will be able to report on and use.
Trustee disputes created on Jun 01, 2017
A trustee board makes decisions collectively and disagreement and healthy debate are part of good decision making process. But this can also create serious conflict.
HR advice and assistance created on May 18, 2017
Trustee recruitment created on May 17, 2017
Tools, resources and services for trustee recruitment and advertising available for NCVO members
What trustees need to know about campaigning created on May 09, 2017
Inspiring and mobilising campaign supporters created on May 08, 2017
Charging for services created on Mar 23, 2017
Advice for charities on charging for services.
Generating income from buildings created on Mar 20, 2017
A guide to using your premises for additional income.
Marketing testing on a budget created on Mar 10, 2017
A guide to researching your market before you start trading.
Trading and social enterprise created on Mar 08, 2017
Information about raising money through trading and forming social enterprises.
Funding and income: an overview created on Mar 08, 2017
An overview of funding and income in the voluntary sector.
PEST analysis template created on Mar 07, 2017
A PEST analysis template
PEST analysis created on Mar 07, 2017
A template PEST analysis
Fundraising created on Mar 03, 2017
An introduction to different fundraising methods.
Gift Aid created on Mar 03, 2017
Tax-effective giving through Gift Aid.
Joint working agreement created on Mar 03, 2017
Step-by-step guidance on what to include in a joint working agreement.

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