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Already registered on KnowHow NonProfit? Read this to access your account.

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KnowHow NonProfit has changed the way users log into the site. Instead of the using a username and password, we're now using a service called Persona (from Mozilla). Read this to make sure you get access to your existing data and subscription benefits.

This is how it works:

  1. You register with Persona. Persona only needs an email address and password, no other personal data. (If you already have an knowhow account, use the email you used with your account. If you can't remember that address, it's almost certainly the address that newsletters and other KnowHow correspondence are sent to).
  2. Persona checks you own the email address (by sending you an email).
  3. Once you've confirmed your email, you will be able to log into ANY Persona-enabled website with the same account.

NCVO is planning to migrate all its websites to use Persona, and some already do. This all adds up to fewer registration forms and less time spent logging in.

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If you're already registered on KnowHow, then all you need to do is sign in by clicking the 'Sign in' blue arrow. Use the email address associated with your existing account, confirm your password, and you should be able to pick up exactly where you left off, including all your profile information and any StudyZone subscriptions. 


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