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Volunteer policies

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Why you need a volunteer policy and links to resources to help you develop one.

When to have a volunteer policy

Depending on the size and nature of the organisation, it may be possible to get along without a formal volunteer policy. And it is important to have a proportionate level of formality so as not to put potential volunteers off volunteering for the organisation.

However, a volunteer policy provides a useful framework setting out what needs to be in place to support a project or organisation that involves volunteers.

Why have a volunteer policy?

As the organisation gets bigger or increases the number and range of volunteer roles and opportunities, a policy is helpful. It pulls together all the various policies and procedures that affect volunteers - recruitment, expenses, health and safety and so on. It will ensure consistency and sets out what volunteers can expect from the organisation and what their responsibilities are.

Having a volunteer policy that is reviewed and updated on a regular basis demonstrates good practice.

Getting started with your volunteer policy

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