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How-to set up a YouTube channel

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Things you'll need

  • Your organisation's logo
  • Your organisation's colours (preferably in hex numbers –the six digit numbers used to represent website colours

This how-to explains the steps to take to create a branded YouTube channel for your organisation.


Setting up your YouTube account

To get started you will need a Google Gmail account. Be warned. When you set up a channel using one account you will not be able to transfer it to another. You also cannot reuse a YouTube name. On Gmail follow the steps. Choose a username you like – you will be stuck with it!


Set up your YouTube presence

Go to YouTube. In the top right-hand corner of the page, click on Create Account and follow the steps, inputting your Gmail details. Try out usernames to establish if your username has already been used.


Starting your channel

After setting up the account you will see a screen with a link that allows you to customise the channel. If you miss this link, or want to add a channel to a different YouTube account, no problem. Go to the top right-hand corner of the screen to find your username. Next to this is a pull-down arrow. Click on the arrow and select Customise Channel from the menu.


Customising your channel

Your channel may appear a little boring and you may want to display your organisation's logo, corporate colours, and branding images and elements. At the top of the channel are a series of tabs. Second from the left is the Themes and Colours tab. Click on this link. You can make use of a preset theme or create a customised theme in Advanced Options. This tab includes, colours (in hex numbers referred to above in ‘Things you’ll need’). You can upload an image for the background of your page. This could be a single large image, or a small one you set to repeat. (Repeat is the equivalent of tile for those familiar with HTML.) When you have made changes you can save the theme with a new name. This is useful if you want to periodically change a theme to reflect a current campaign, and revert to your organisation’s default theme at the completion of the campaign. Remember to save your changes. On the channel page, use the small arrows next to the page elements to move these around the screen until you have the layout you want.



Go up to the top of the channel page and look at the tabbed bar. The first tab is Settings. In this tab you can:

  • see the URL for your channel, which is vital for spreading the word about it
  • set the page title
  • add metadata, using tags.  These tags enable viewers to find your page when they search for content on subject matter that is relevant to your channel.

Want to change the default picture of your name on your channel? Go to the username menu at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Select Profile and upload the logo or image you want.


Start uploading videos

Now you are rolling! You can upload videos, or choose videos from YouTube to display on your channel. Your channel has its own URL. To publicise it create a link from your website to your YouTube content. Take a look at some of the channels of organisations similar to yours to gain inspiration.

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