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iKnowHow - a wiki for the voluntary sector

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How to get involved in our wiki project funded by the Nominet Trust

In March 2012 we launch our pilot project to explore whether online advice and support content for the voluntary sector can be maintained using wikis.

We turned three sections into wikis, which means that as well as reading them, you can also edit and add to them.

We're democratising the way the voluntary sector does web, and we hope you'll get involved.

Edit, contribute, spread the word

The three sections you can edit are:

Everyone and anyone is invited to contribute. You just need to log in / register to get started and follow our terms and conditions.

Check out our style guide suggestions for writers / editors

Why get involved?

Share your knowledge - The old way of producing learning for the sector was that content / courses / resources were written by 'experts' based on their experience. But we think that everyone is an expert and has something to add. From working and thinking through solutions everyday, you have valuable contributions to make to help grow a bank of knowledge to help others. By using the wiki to share your knowledge, your expertise can help thousands of other people.

Add your feedback - We want to make the wiki as user-friendly and easy to use as possible. We've been doing lots of testing to iron out the quirks. Hopefully we've created a wiki that is simple and attractive to use. Please tell us if it's not, what you like or don't like. We want to hear from you with your feedback and comments so we can make it even better. Email us at

Background about the projectNominet Trust logo

We'd like to thank Nominet Trust who are kindly funding this project which runs from October 2011 to June 2012.

We chose our subject areas (collaboration, setting up a charity and public service delivery sections) for the pilot phase of the project for the following reasons:

  • the content in each section is diverse and will appeal to different people
  • each topic lends itself to a mix of factual and experiential knowledge
  • each section was previously quite small, we've added NCVO content to complement original KnowHow pages and now invite you to peer-review, edit and add to it to make it even better.