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Fundraising - Why the bad rep?!

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Fundraising - Why the bad rep?!

Posted by Harry Mcalister at Aug 01, 2012 01:42 PM

One of the most common responses I come across when fundraising is: 'Aren't you just going to go and spend all my money, making more money, so you can raise more money?!'

A justified question, and one which I ask myself often. However I was pleased to come across this study last week:[/url]

It shows the average amount of money spent by UK charities to raise £1 ranges from 10-12 pence. This is compared to the public's perception of 42p.

So the average cost of raising £1 is more than three times cheaper than the public believe. And, when asked what an acceptable level of spending might be per £ raised, the public's answer was still 26pence, more than double what is actually spent. 

So what does this mean? Above all, it means the public should feel far more confident about where their donations are being spent. Charities are considerably more efficient than most assume, so can someone tell me why this urban myth prevails? and what we can do about it?

Re: Fundraising - Why the bad rep?!

Posted by Marion Grace Woolley at Oct 07, 2012 11:51 PM

Nice one. Love this sort of thing.

And...oh, I do beg your pardon, what was that? The Voluntary Sector is worth over £11billion to the UK economy and, goodness gracious, " output value of the UK's volunteers is £23.1 billion"!

Well I never.

Voluntary Sector Worth


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